☆✼★━HTML Colour Codes━★✼☆

HTML Colour Codes are hexadecimal codes consisting of a # followed by six characters of either latin alphabet characters or numbers (or a mix). The most common HTML colour code system is an RGB one (red, green, blue- the three primary colours).

Within the six characters in the hex code, the characters one and two represent red, the characters three and four represent green, and characters five and six represent blue. The intensity of these colours is represented on a scale- 00 is the least intense and FF is the most intense.


  • #FF0000 will be pure red
  • #00FF00 will be pure green
  • #0000FF will be pure blue

By using this system and mixing characters, a great amount of colour shades can be represented through this system. Try a HTML colour code picker to explore the options available.

Source: htmlcolorcodes.com

Knowing and using HTML colour codes can be very helpful when building appealing websites and other aspects of web design. Most websites are written in HTML and so the HTML are basically made to compliment this.

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